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How does Thin & Slim Naturally compare to Metabolife?

Unlike the majority of "knock-off" products pretending to be like Metabolife (ie: MetaboRight, Metabolize, MetaboSlim, etc.), Thin & Slim Naturally has actually been on the market longer than Metabolife. While the ingredients in the two products are somewhat similar, many customers who have tried both find Thin & Slim Naturally to be more effective. Perhaps this is because the makers of Thin & Slim Naturally have put a lot of time, research and effort into coming up with just the right formula. In the mid-1980's, researchers at Harvard University found that when they had the right combination of certain herbal ingredients that they could reactivate the body's own healthy thermogenic metabolism. This is the body's normal ability to burn extra fat cells and calories rather than storing them on the body. Everyone is born with thermogenic metabolism, it just seems to slow down as we get older. The Harvard studies (Journal of Nutrition 117(2), 383-9, 1987; American Journal of Physiology 252(3 Pt 2), R507-13, 1987; International Journal of Obesity, 467-81, 1986; etc.) showed that the correct combination of herbal ingredients was vitally important in safely and effectivelyrevitalizing the body's thermogenic metabolism. This means that just because a product has the same herbs in it, it doesn't mean it has the correct ratios and formula. Thin & Slim Naturally is based on the scientific findings of the Harvard studies. So, unlike all of the "Metabo-whatever" copy-cats, Thin & Slim Naturally is well established with a tremendous track record of safe and effective natural weight loss.

In addition to the thermogenic fat burning qualities of Thin & Slim Naturally, it will also suppress your appetite and reduce cravings, as well as giving you a mild boost of energy throughout the day.

Maybe the biggest difference between the two is the price----

We think the decision is simple!

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Thin & Slim Naturally works at least as well as Metabolife, many customers say better, but costs much less. And keep in mind, the $19.99 is the regular price. You save $30 or more over Metabolife's price. With a deal like this, why wouldn't you give it a try?

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