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Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT):

BAT is brown fat (scientists call it fat adipose tissue). You don't have much of it. BAT is found in very small amounts throughout the body. You can't see it on you. It is GOOD FAT. You want all of this kind of fat you can get. BAT has only one purpose - to create heat. To do that, it must use calories. Where does it get the calories to burn? From white fat (White Adipose Tissue). White fat is BAD FAT; the fat you can see on your body; the fat you want to get rid of!

Thermogenesis - How does it work?
Thermogenesis is the term used by scientists to describe the activity of BAT, which includes dozens of biochemical and metabolic events. The basic outcome of these events is the generation of thermo units, in other words, the creation of heat in your body. But there is a hitch, as you will see in a moment.

Thermogenesis has been observed in living organisms in the following natural situations:

  1. In Hibernating Animals- Ever wonder why hibernating animals don't freeze to death? The answer is thermogenesis. Their bodies spend all winter burning up stored white fat. The burning is done in BAT and it generates enough heat to keep the animal warm.
  2. In Cold Adaptation- Ever seen someone working outside in freezing weather with nothing on his/her upper body but a T-shirt? They can do this because they have "adapted" to the cold. And how did this adaptation take place? The same way it did with the hibernating animal. The cold-activated thermogenesis in the BAT.
  3. In Eating- Thermogenesis occurs following meals. Unfortunately, most of the calories are supplied directly by the food, not by the white fat.
  4. In Small Children- It seems that small children have considerable BAT. However, as they get older, the amount of BAT gradually decreases until, as adults, they have very little. One of the problems facing scientists was to explain this process.

The hitch, then, is simply this: Under normal every-day circumstances, people have little capacity for thermogenesis. Living in warm climates, heated homes and cars, and modern eating behaviors and stresses have all seriously suppressed thermogenic capacity. However, scientists have discovered how to reverse the process that strips us of our thermogenic capacity as we leave childhood, or to give us the thermogenesis that we might never have possessed (due to hereditary factors). Thin & Slim Naturally is based on this research. Since 1992, Thin & Slim Naturally has been proven to be one of the most effective thermogenic products on the market. The key to Thin & Slim Naturally is to generate as much BAT activity as possible, and in many cases even reactivate BAT that has gone completely dormant or has become less effective as we age.

Universities Around the World Lead the Way:
Canadian scientists have been involved in thermogenic research for a number of years. The mechanism underlying cold adaptation would, of course, be of interest to dwellers in this northern country. Writing from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Paul Trayhurn explains:

"In the past decade, views on the function of Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) have undergone a fundamental revision. This has been accompanied by a major change in our perspective on energy balance and its regulation. BAT is the only tissue in mammals in which heat is the primary product of metabolism. The tissue has traditionally been considered to be important in the generation of heat by non-shivering mechanisms in the newborn or a number of mammalian species, and to play a key role in the arousal of hibernating animals. Within the past decade, it has also been shown to be the main site of non-shivering thermogenesis in adult rodents adapted to the cold. From this, the concept has developed that BAT plays a major role in energetics."
(Int'l Jour. of Obesity, 4(Suppl. 1), 17-29, 1990).
While scientists were trying to understand and explain the concept of thermogenesis, it occurred to them that continued BAT activation in people might lead to a reduction in white fat. For years, however, it was an accepted fact that adult humans did not have enough BAT to burn enough calories to make a difference. Then the uncoupling protein (UCP) was found. What makes the BAT cells different from all the other cells in the body is the presence of a small protein molecule that "uncouples" the train of biochemical events that normally turn calories into the kind of energy cells needed to carry out metabolic processes. As a result, the energy generated in BAT is simply wasted; it is radiated away from BAT into the blood and into neighboring tissues as heat. The discovery of the uncoupling protein unlocked the mysteries of thermogenesis. It was quickly discovered, for instance, that cold adaptation occurs because the cold generates an increase in the amount of uncoupling protein present in BAT. The more UCP the greater the capacity for thermogenesis.

Next it was found that the frequent activation of thermogenesis resulted in an increase in the amount of BAT in the body. More BAT, more UCP, more capacity for thermogenesis. Maybe adult humans DID have enough BAT to make a difference; or, if not, they could acquire it. M.J. Stock, of the University of London, wrote the following regarding this discovery:

"Due to the high thermogenic capacity, BAT, even in very small quantities, such as those found in an adult male, can significantly influence heat production. As little as 50g of BAT could make a contribution of 10-15% additional energy turnover in humans. This would be more than sufficient to cause large differences in fat deposition between individuals with active or inactive dietary induced thermogenesis."
(Infusionstherapie 16(6), 282-4, 1989).
Meanwhile, scientists were postulating that some deficiency in the body's ability to burn calories in thermogenesis might have something to do with obesity. Genetic, environmental and dietary factors were investigated. It was determined that the body unable to burn calories as heat stores them in white fat. For example, Arene Astrup of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, one of the pioneering researchers in thermogenesis, wrote:

"In a number of obesity syndromes in rodents, the sympathetic mediation (of thermogenesis) is defective, and this leads to extreme sensitivity to cold and to obesity... Likewise, the hypothesis has been advanced that a diminished thermogenesis in BAT may be the cause of some human obesity."
(Acta Endocrinology, Suppl. 278, 1-32, 1986).

The Harvard Studies
Astrup's hypothesis led to a flurry of research on this topic, especially those medical institutions associated with Harvard University. Of major impact to countless humans are findings that genetic defects in thermogenic capacity can sometimes be totally reversed by ingesting the correct substances. Thin & Slim Naturally is a reflection of those findings. The Harvard Group reported:

"These findings demonstrate that in the fa/fa rat (a genetically obese rat) a mixture of (substances that activate thermogenesis) reduces food intake but also minimizes the fall in metabolic rate that usually accompanies such an energy deficit, effects that led to a reversal of their gross obesity."
(Journal of Nutrition 117(2), 383-9, 1987).
Also this:
"These studies indicate that, unlike food restriction, the (thermogenic) mixture prevents or arrests the development of obesity in the fa/fa mutant by normalizing their energetic efficiency to that of the lean."
(American Journal of Physiology 252(3 Pt 2), R507-13, 1987).
Substances that Activate Thermogenesis:

Once it was decided that adult humans did have the capacity for weight management based on thermogenesis, the hunt was on for dietary substances that could activate BAT in humans. It was readily accepted that all foods would activate BAT in some small degree and that the calories would be acquired almost entirely from the food itself; therefore, stronger agents were sought. These agents would have to have little or no calories in and of themselves, but they would have to chemically activate BAT. Again, Harvard scientists have led the way. Though researchers in Canada, England, Australia and other countries have all contributed to our understanding of BAT physiology, the Harvard Group always seems to address the questions of most relevance to humans seeking weight loss management tools. Ongoing research there continues to demonstrate the efficacy of thermogenic agents in reducing stores of white fat in overweight humans. (See, for example, Dulloo, A.G. & Miller, D.S. International Journal of Obesity, 467-81, 1986).

Drugs Versus Nature
As often happens in the history of medical science, the tightly controlled, experimental research of orthodox medicine and the loosely observed procedures of traditional medicine merged toward a common understanding of how pharmaceutical agents could have a major impact on weight management. On the orthodox side, the same strong drugs used to activate BAT in animals have also been used in humans. On the traditional side, an inspection of the literature shows that mild-acting herbs have also been used to manage weight, but without any understanding of BAT or UCP or even thermogenesis. Thin & Slim Naturally was developed from the rather startling observation that the thermogenic drugs of orthodox medicine were derived directly from the thermogenic herbs of traditional medicine!

Our reasoning behind Thin & Slim Naturally is: "WHY USE DRUGS WITH THEIR RISKY SIDE EFFECTS WHEN YOU CAN USE NATURAL ALTERNATIVES, in which the active principles are found together with other inherent synergistic principles THAT HELP TO PREVENT SIDE EFFECTS?" Which would you rather have? The developers of Thin & Slim Naturally are confident that most people, given the choice, will select the safe and natural way.

Speaking of synergy, one of the most striking features of the research on thermogenesis was the finding that the major thermogenic agents work best when combined together. This is important since it means that smaller quantities of each individual agent need to be ingested. What the research on thermogenesis has provided is the rationale for bringing them together in one product. Daniel Mowrey, Ph.D., Director of the American Phytotherapy Research Laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah, who has spear-headed the use of herbs in the activation of thermogenesis, writes:

"The new, drug-oriented approach to weight management (in people without a history of heart disease or hypertension) through the activation of [the] primitive, semi-latent, thermogenic mechanism, has its roots squarely in the realm of traditional herbal medicine-- the drugs are simply isolated, concentrated, sometimes synthetic, derivatives of certain plant constituents. What we have observed, however, is that the use of the original herbal material obtains the same thermogenic results as the drugs; the advantage of using the herbs is, of course, the dramatically reduced risk of significant side effects. The active plant constituents, buffered by the presence of the other constituents in the plants themselves, are better suited for the human constitution than are purified drugs. The natural approach is still the best."
(Effective Weight Management Through Natural Thermogenesis- Keats Publishing, in press; quote used with permission of author.)
What All This Means to You

Thin & Slim Naturally is your chance to take advantage of this amazing and revolutionary approach to weight management. Consider these benefits:

  1. Thermogenesis: When activated by Thin & Slim Naturally, thermogenesis does not require any other form of dietary management or exercise. In fact, there is some evidence that exercise, if done within an hour of ingesting thermogenic compounds, will tend to inhibit thermogenesis in BAT. Watching what you eat, though not as critical as in other diet plans, is still a sensible idea.
  2. Increased Energy: Because thermogenic herbs also increase the flow of blood to muscle tissue, you experience an increase in nutrient and oxygen supply to those tissues which translates into greater capacity for work and exercise. In spite of what it says above about exercise, people are still losing weight even if they work hard and exercise immediately following the ingestion of thermogenic herbs. Perhaps the natural holistic materials, being a composite of hundreds of natural constituents, provide a better basis for normal and healthy living than do drugs.
  3. Anti-Asthma / Anti-Hayfever Effects: One of the beneficial "side-effects" of several of the thermogenic herbs is a well-documented ability to prevent asthma attacks, dry up the sinuses, reduce the frequency and severity of hayfever episodes, and offer relief from some allergies.
  4. Much Smaller Chance of Side Effects: This natural alternative is much safer than drugs. As one authority wrote in reviewing the status of thermogenic drugs:

    "Various groups of drugs have been tried, such as amphetamine derivatives, adrenergic drugs, serotonin agonist or hormones with thermogenic effects, intestinal enzyme inhibitors and dietary fibre. The results of sympathomimetic drugs demonstrate a relatively high incidence of side-effects, and with some preparations there is a risk of addiction."
    (U. Keller, Ther.Unsch. 47(8), 658-63, 1990, in German.)

  5. Increasing Capacity Over Time: Since capacity for thermogenesis depends on the amount of uncoupling protein and the amount of brown fat, and since those substances increase over time as the thermogenic herbs are used, even people who start out experiencing very little effect will increase their capacity if they consistently use Thin & Slim Naturally
  6. Appetite Suppression: Another beneficial "side-effect" of thermogenic herbs is a decrease in sensations of hunger, a welcome feeling for people prone to eating frequently or heavily. In 1991, Astrup wrote, "The ideal anti-obesity drug possesses anorectic (appetite suppressing), as well as thermogenic properties without having serious side-effects." He could have found such agents by switching his focus from drugs to raw plant materials.
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